SORM 1, 2 for rent

LTD NTCOM offers SORM 1 and SORM 2 rent for attendees on MMTS-9 platforms.


CSP connects to SORM-1 and 2 equipment through a link and transmits traffic for the surveillance activities.

SORM-2 is based on the solution CJSC NORSI-TRANS: Vitok-IP. The hardware and software system “Vitok-IP” is developed in compliance with the General technical requirements for the technical means system to support surveillance activities on documentary telecommunication networks (services), approved by the Order of the State Committee of the Russian Federation No. 47 of March 27, 1999, “Technical requirements for SORM on documentary telecommunication networks”, approved by the Ministry of Communications of the Russian Federation from November 01, 2003 and “Requirements for telecommunication networks for ORM”, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation No. 73 of May 27, 2010.

Currently, the service is available for operators and providers on MMTS-9 platforms. The cost of each service is calculated individually and depends on Customer’s demand.

For average tariffs turn here.

NTCOM also provides SORM-1 on request.  For more information, please contact us directly: +7 (495) 748-20-35

About Company

Since 2006, LTD NTCOM works at the market of telecommunication services and provides a wide range of licensed services for corporate and private clients:

  • telematic communication services;
  • communication services for communication channels;
  • data communication services except for voice transmission purposes;
  • data communication services aimed at voice transmission,
  • implementation of tasks related to the use of state secret information.

Our company is also a direct sales representative of CJSC NORSI-TRANS – a leading Russian supplier of SORM solutions and legal control systems (SORM 1, SORM 2, SORM 3).