Service SORM-1 and SORM-2 for rent
SORM rent for attendees on MMTS-9 platforms.


Order №268 of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia from November 19, 2012;

Order №645 of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia from December 12, 2016;


Order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation №83 of April 16, 2014: “Оn the approval of regulations on the use of switching systems equipment, including software that provides performance of the established actions when carrying out Operative Investigative Activities” (The device provides storage of the incoming traffic within 12 hours (the cyclic buffer)).


Short descriptionPrice per month
SORM-2 (The Cyclic Buffer) 100 Mb\SEC15 000 rub
SORM-1 100 MB\SEC15 000 rub
SORM-2 (The Cyclic Buffer) 1000 Mb\SEC40 000 rub
SORM-1 1000 MB\SEC40 000 rub

We offer the Internet port on the MMTS-9 node from your equipment, provided that you make the link between the switching racks yourself.

Connection speedPrice per month
10 Mbit/sec.15 000 rub
100 Mbit/sec.20 000 rub
1000 Mbit/sec.40 000 rub

Advantages over other upstream

Free protection against DDOS attacks based on the ANTI-DDIS of the S.O.P.S.A complex (Own development)
A flexible approach to working with a client - we will find a solution to your problems.
Channel reservation using three upstreams we create closed networks.

LLC NTCOM provides services in organization of closed networks both within and beyond the global Internet network. The cost depends on customer’s requirements and is calculated individually. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Benefits of the closed network
No outside DDOS attacks
Information leakage protection
Upstream and Internet independent network that eliminates network collapse caused by telecom operators’ fault.


*all prices are shown for 30 days, excluding VAT.