High Performance E1 Interface Board

ISDN E1 NT-COM 8E1 PCIe is designed for data exchange in ISDN digital telephony networks using PC-compatible platforms with PCIe x1 bus and Linux operating system. Independent exchange over 8 duplex communication channels (PDH ISDN PRI interface, AMI / HDB3 coding, 120 Ohm twisted pair, ITU-T G.703 standard) with program control of transmit / receive modes and LED indication of exchange status.

Board Features:

High data exchange performance

  • up to 11 NT-COM 8E1 PCIe interface cards in a single server platform without reducing the performance of the CPU and system bus;
  • simultaneous exchange via 88 E1 channels (up to 2728 simultaneous telephone calls in ITU-T G.711 format)
Low receive / transmit latency with modification.
  • min latency: 2 ms - using the maximum supported number of interface cards.
  • real time digital exchange without expensive echo cancellers and without noticeable speech distortion
Software synchronization source selection for each channel:
  • from a channels
  • from a transmitting side (SLAVE)
  • from a built-in generator (MASTER).
Long-Haul transmission mode (up to 2 km), with receiver sensitivity up to -43 dB. Input circuits protected by fuses against overloads and short circuits Program selection of frame reception mode: frame mode according to ITU-T G.704 or raw mode without synchronization. 2 board exchange modes:
  • file sharing with select/poll functions;
  • direct access to the board's circular buffer for maximum performance.
Passive channel monitoring mode. Connection to the line without active signal coupler Linux 2.6, 3.x, 4.x support, operation in multiprocessor systems with non-uniform memory access (NUMA). PCIe HHHL form factor support (Half Height, Half Length). Replaceable panel to support Full Height PCIe. Board features: 8 ports E1 RJ-48 120Ω, 2048000 bps, ITU-T G.703, AMI / HDB3. PCI Express x1, Half / Full Height, Half Length bus. Frame synchronization support by ITU-T G.704. Short-Haul mode (300 m), Long-Haul mode (2 km). Protection of input stages. External port or internal generator selection for synchronization. Linux 2.6, 3.x, 4.x, 32/64 bit. Operating temperature range: -40 ... + 85 ° C. Dimensions: 65 mm (height), 125 mm (width).
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ISDN E1 NT-COM 8E1 PCIeHigh Performance E1 Interface Board$2400